Installation “…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens”  featured the films Stabat Mater, First Memory, Close to Home,  a vitrine with documents and background materials from the archives of Stabat Mater and First Memory and  a display of documents from Close to Home for the library desk furniture and four books from the artist’s library displayed in the bookcases.

Upper Reading Room

Main vitrine installation
‘Image and Narrative’ : light box with slides from the film, graphs, script, narration from the production archive of First Memory 1981
‘Mappings and Readings’: light box with film strips from the film, maps, books, texts from the research archive of  Stabat Mater 1990


Intervention in the Upper Reading Room bookcases of four books from the artist’s library.

Map Room

Partners’ Desk : from the archive of  Close to Home 1982-1985, a photograph, the filming map of Berlin, a letter.

Small Publication