Maria-thumòs-icon "Only when I was singing did I feel loved" "To sing is an expression of your being, a being which is becoming"  MARIA is an experimental film in [...]


"...then on the shore of the wide world I stand alone, and think Till love and fame to nothingness do sink." 1818 John Keats Readings from the poets Byron, [...]


Jennifer is a portrait of Jennifer del Corazón de Jesús, a Discalced Carmelite nun in the enclosed Carmelite monastery in Ronda, Spain. Seven years in getting permission, filming inside [...]

Crying for you day and night

Recorded at Goldsmiths Music Studios 2021 Sound Engineer: Nicholas Powell Mix: Ian Tompson Online:  Stephen Olsen La Dolce Vita (1960) dir. Frederico Fellini Child in Time, Deep Purple (1970) [...]

Sorelle Povere di Santa Chiara

A 16mm portrait in response to the Franciscan ideal of simplicity and poverty which is the guiding principle of the Poor Clares and their 'hidden' life. Filmed in the enclosed [...]


"The last 50s black and white film" Adrian Rifkin "It manages to be both beautiful and uncomfortable: the young girl in her stiff white dress, clutching her rosary and [...]


“I thought of history, of all that had happened in those places…The amazing voices – the transcended sexuality in them and in the landscapes – I thought of all the [...]


Several versions of this work have been made responding to different exhibition contexts.  In the original video, black and white Super 8 footage is combined with a handheld miniDV [...]

The Silence is Baroque

The rough voices of men (from Pier Paolo Pasolini's Accatone ) open the film soundtrack, they banter in Italian about taking flowers to the cemetery. Filmed in Granada and Seville [...]

“Now I am yours”

“With the central image of the statue of St. Teresa in Rome, together with glimpses of colour-saturated flower gardens, the Crucifixcion and Baroque plasterwork, we listen to the gulping [...]

Stabat Mater

“Stabat Mater opens and closes with two sung laments, then launches into a breathless torrent of words and phrases, a re-reading of the eternal feminine of Joyce’s Ulysses, which echoes the [...]

Close to Home

“ In the first part, the camera travels around (West) Berlin like a tourist picking out touristic monuments and describing them in terms of their significance to military history….the [...]

First Memory

The interior of a house. Outside, the sun parches the landscape. A woman's voice tells a story. Filmed from 35mm slide projection on 16mm reversal Fuji film with in camera [...]

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