“ In the first part, the camera travels around (West) Berlin like a tourist picking out touristic monuments and describing them in terms of their significance to military history….the commentary charts the bleak history of blockade and the cutting of transport links. The filmmaker reads aloud a letter. She is reading it privately to herself but it is the sound of her reading that makes the connection with the viewer. In the second half (in which the commentary also charts the escalation of land frontier sea and air restrictions), a ferry leaves a quayside and sails into the open Strait, it is an image of freedom but also a melancholy image of parting”  Helen De Witt, Visionary Landscapes, 2005

Film Credits

Directed, edited and spoken by Nina Danino
Camera: Arthur Howes, Kai Glawe
Sound Dub: Glentham Studios
Equipment Loan: Nicky Hamlyn, Michael Maziere, Lucy Panteli
Technical assistance London Filmmakers’ Co-op
Financial assistance from the Arts Council of Great Britain

1995 Premiere: Edinburgh International Film Festival

Selected Exhibitions

“…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens”,  The Gibraltar Garrison Library, Gibraltar, 2013
Topologies, Out of Place, London Filmmakers Co-op, 1993
A Sense of Place, London Filmmakers Co-op, 1991
Silence in View, London Filmmakers’ Co-op Cinema , 1988
Rituals of Memory, London Filmmakers’ Co-op Cinema, 1987
Labyrinths, London Filmmakers’ Co-op Cinema, 1988
Cambridge Dark Room, Cambridge, presented by Penny Webb, 1985


A Time of Frontiers, Juan Jose Tellez, Visionary Landscapes, Black Dog Publishing, London, 2005


LFMC Programme, 1985