“The last 50s black and white film” Adrian Rifkin

“It manages to be both beautiful and uncomfortable: the young girl in her stiff white dress, clutching her rosary and prayer book, her expression solemn: how much does all this mean to her? Is she simply doing as she’s told? With her wide, almond-shaped eyes, she could be a subject from a Greuze portrait. Cinematically, she might have walked off the set of The Song of Bernadette.

The camera lingers, capturing the way the light falls through a fleur-de-lys lattice, creating shapes of angels. The Pugin chapel echoes neo-gothic architecture around us. We are compelled to watch, and as we do, the young subject grows tired, starts shifting in her frock. Whatever period she belongs to, she is a real child.” Susan Mansfield, Sanctuary/Comraich, The Scotsman 2010.

A portrait of a young girl filmed by Oscar winning cinematographer Billy Williams BSC. Photo: Jane Atkins

Film Credits

Director Nina Danino
Cast Thalia Somerville-Large
Cinematographer Billy Williams BSC
Editor David Dickson
Grading Paul Dean
HD Post Production Toby Glover
Online Editor Steve Murgatroyd
Focus Puller Oliver Ledwith
Stills Photographer Jane Atkins
Production Tracy Bass

Produced by  Nina Danino
Financed by Goldsmiths, The Arts Council of England.


Left to Right: Oliver Ledwith, Nina Danino, Billy Williams, Tracy Bass, Len Thornton, 2009. Photo: Tim Sidell

Selected Screenings and Exhibitions

Photo: Michael Maziere

Little Constellation, Fabbrica del  Vapore, Milan, 2010

Comraich/Sanctuary, Mount Stuart Contemporary Visual Arts Programme, 2012


Photo Copyright of Mount Stuart Trust & Keith Hunter

Geography of Proximity,  Malta Contemporary Art Foundation, Valletta, Malta, 2010
Cambridge Film Festival, 2012

Heath Street Baptist Church, London and Queen’s Cinema, Gibraltar, 2013


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