“How can I create a distinct and self contained image which has a link to the next image and thereby creates a type of narrative”  Nina Danino, Image and Narrative, RCA 1979.

First Memory was originally presented as a two screen slide-tape and Super 8 film projection with audio for the premiere in the Live Events Programme in About Time/Women’s Images of Men, ICA, London, 1980. The work was then made as a two screen slide-tape with audio and a 16mm film from the slides and presented at the RCA degree show in 1981.

“Nina Danino realises the potential of the voice in her work, through an audio narration, specifically the woman’s voice which was a marginalised form in experimental film and art. Time is used to communicate emotion and the experiential to an audience.  The work initiated a body of 16mm and 35mm films over the next 17 years which often describe states which are elusive, such as the affect of place, memory and time. They represent from the woman’s experience and from the perspective of absence or what is not able to be represented, using narrative and the performative power of the woman’s voice”  Yasmeen Baig-Clifford, Slide-Tape, Programme notes, 2013.

1981 Premiere: About Time/Women’s Images of Men, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London


Photography and Voice : Nina Danino
Audio Visual Technician: Alan Vallis
Produced by Nina Danino at Environmental Media, Royal College of Art, London.


About Time/Women’s Images of Men, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London 1980
From Floor to Sky: British Sculpture and the Studio Experience,  Ambika P3, London 2010
SLIDE/TAPE : Key works in the UK since the 1960s, Vivid Projects, Birmingham, 2013


From Floor to Sky 2010 brochure


SLIDE/TAPE 2013 programme