The work was commissioned by Little Constellation for the group exhibition  “Land Seen from the Sea” (2012) at the Villa Croce, Museum of Contemporary Art in Genoa.  My intervention responded to family ties and the historic links between Gibraltar and the city of Genoa which in the 18th century established trade links and families from Genoa who settled in Gibraltar after Gibraltar was ceded to Britain in 1701.

The work also responded to the title of the exhibition and to the Villa Croce itself as a location and villa with a view to the sea.  The intervention aligned these navigational, familial and city links through continuous Radio transmissions from Gibraltar Radio 91.3 FM creating a line of place to place connection.

The Radio transmissions could be listened to on headphones which were positioned by one of the windows of the upper floor of the Villa Croce Museum. The viewer/listener is therefore invited to the window which looks out to the sea as they listen to whatever happened to be on air on the Radio.

The window shutters of the upper floor of the museum which were kept closed were opened for this location specific intervention as can be seen in the documentation.


Above: “Land seen from the Sea”, Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary  Art, Genoa, Italy 2012.