“…then on the shore of the wide world I stand alone, and think
Till love and fame to nothingness do sink.” 1818 John Keats

Readings from the poets Byron, Keats, Brontë, Tennyson, Coleridge and songs from the dark repertoire of the singer Nico with portraits from the films of Philippe Garrel circa 1975 and Andy Warhol’s The Chelsea Girls and swirling electronic music from Ash Ra Tempel and new electric guitar sound track by James Creed and tracks to the songs by Graham Dowdall aka Gagarin and ex of The Faction, with new images of the River Thames put together in an elegy on iconicity, vocality, finitude and solitude.

Country of Production: UK
Year: 2022
Running Time : 72 minutes
Screening Format: DCP, ProRes422HQ, H264 (mp4)
Sound: 5:1 or stereo 25fps
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Language: English
Colour and Black and White

“Nina Danino uses film to create atmosphere and feeling, giving the viewer a portal into the the meaning of the film itself.”
Film critic Rita di Santo : Instagram.


A Film by Nina Danino
Producer: Nina Danino
Editor: Nina Danino
Archive Producers:Nina Danino, Kate Griffiths
Films: Nina Danino, Philippe Garrel, Andy Warhol
Sound Recordings: Goldsmiths Music Studios,
Ian Tompson, Dave Hunt Audio
Soundtrack: Nico Spoken Word, Nina Danino Poems and Songs
Music : Ash Ra Tempel, James Creed, Gagarin
Sound Mix: Dave Hunt
Sound Consultant: Joakim Sundström
Picture Mastering: Jason R Moffat
Exhibition Consultant: Johanna Blair
Graphic Design: Adrian Curry

World Premiere, London Short Film Festival 2023 as a Special Event with live music by Gagarin
Information and Rich Mix


Jo Blair interviews Nina Danino to mark the launch of her latest feature film Solitude, an elegy on iconicity, vocality, finitude and solitude.
“Solitude represents a journey into sublime darkness and asks existential questions about art, life and death and Nico became a fascinating figure for these questions, a mirror if you like into which I could look. The mirror of Nico is a dark one” LUX Interview


Laura Staab, Featured article:  Nico in Dark Times: Nina Danino’s Solitude ALT/KINO July 2023
Borja Castillejo Calvo, Review: The Sound of Poetry,  Millenium Film Journal 77 (Spring 2023)
Borja Castillejo Calvo, blog Cinesinfin:  Solitude 
Simon Phillips www.whisperinandhollerin.com : Review of the premiere of Solitude the new film about Nico by Nina Danino complete with a live soundtrack by Gagarin. 

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Live Event, Nina Danino and Gagarin introduce the film, Rich Mix, London January 2023

Live Event Introducing the film. Photo Elbieta Piekacz

Live Event, Solitude + Gagarin, Rich Mix, London January 2023 Photo