This solo film installation was made for Alcultura which is in the precinct of the Algeciras container port which is one of the largest in the Mediterranean.  The exhibition space consisted of two joined large containers as can be seen in the documentation.  The  site of Alcultura is situated directly opposite the iconic Rock on the Bay of Gibraltar.  The location and geographic features are part of the installation in epic, historical resonances as well as being tied to the place where the filmmaker was born and grew up. The spectacular geographic location and the industrial containers provided a large monumental space with acoustic amplification for the soundtrack of the film Close to Home in a large scale installation.   

Close to Home ( 1982-85) 16mm 32 minutes.  Continuous digital projection of Part 2 (15 minutes) of the original film which is a series of shots from a ferry as it leaves a harbour in the distance as it enters The Straits.  With a new remixed soundtrack (2018)

Apparitions (2013-2017) A set of five photographs.  A video (15 mins) in which a hand held DV camera scrutinises original hand sized black and white album photographs. As each photograph is held up to the camera, each suggests thoughts, responses.  Vague memory is summoned in an improvised, spare, hesitant narration.  The installation is accompanied by a booklet with the narration in soundtrack of Apparititions.

Invitacion alcultura nina danino copy 2

Close to Home - Apparitions invitation card front, 2018


Apparitions, 2013