“Now I am yours”


“With the central image of the statue of St. Teresa in Rome, together with glimpses of colour-saturated flower gardens, the Crucifixcion and Baroque plasterwork, we listen to the gulping [...]

“Now I am yours”2022-12-05T00:40:31+00:00

Stabat Mater


“Stabat Mater opens and closes with two sung laments, then launches into a breathless torrent of words and phrases, a re-reading of the eternal feminine of Joyce’s Ulysses, which echoes the [...]

Stabat Mater2022-12-05T00:37:58+00:00

Close to Home


“ In the first part, the camera travels around (West) Berlin like a tourist picking out touristic monuments and describing them in terms of their significance to military history….the [...]

Close to Home2022-11-25T20:54:34+00:00

First Memory


The interior of a house. Outside, the sun parches the landscape. A woman's voice tells a story. Filmed from 35mm slide projection on 16mm reversal Fuji film with in camera [...]

First Memory2022-12-05T00:34:48+00:00
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